Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Library Thing

If you want to learn more about the books I've reviewed here, look in the left hand pane for a link called "my library". This connects to a site called Library Thing which is a fun way to list all the books you have read or would like to read. When you add a book to the list you can create "tags" which are subject words you would associate with the book. When you have put a number of books in your library, you create something called a "tag cloud" which displays how frequent a tag appears by making it bigger the more often it is used. For instance, if you like sports books, you may use the words "sports" along with the sport featured such as "soccer" or "frisbee" as tags for your books. The tag cloud would then show "sports" in a bigger font size than the names of the sports.
There are many people who have created their own lists and allow you to peruse their lists. You have the option to make your list public or keep it private.
If you are interested in setting up your own Library Thing account, come by the library. I would be glad to help you get started. It's free!

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