Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Glass (2007)

This book is a sequel to Crank, the story of a meth addict loosely based on the life of Ellen Hopkins' daughter. Methamphetamine in a very pure form is called glass, ice, crystal, or "the monster" by Katrina, an 18-year old girl who has already danced with the devil, kicked the habit, and had a baby conceived during a rape. We join her in this book living with her mother, stepfather, and brother, taking care of her son and trying to get her life back on track. Unfortunately, the drug calls to her again.

I have my out.
I have my high.
I have more stash
I have a job.
Almost have an income.
It is almost time
for an outstanding
eighteenth birthday.
I have earned my wings,
can't wait for my
test flight to freedom.
My head buzzes,
my body rushes,
electric, anxious.
I want a taste
of flight, a taste
of adulthood, another
small taste of ice
before afternoon dwindles.
The last thing on my
mind is Hunter, waiting
for his mommy.

Every promise she makes herself, she breaks. Every stopping point, she passes. We watch her inevitable downward spiral and we are appalled at how seductive this drug is. It gives the user such a rush of feelings in the beginning but the rush fades and it becomes harder to exist without using until it is impossible to quit. She is kicked out of her house and moves in with her dealer who needs a nanny for his two children. How convenient.

Have you Ever Tried

To quit
a bad habit, one
that has come to
define you?
To cease
using a substance-
any substance-
that you not only
need but enjoy?
To stop
yourself from
lighting up that
cigarette? It's going
to kill you, but hey,
you're going
to die
someday anyway,
why not die happy,
why not die buzzed,
why not die
satisfied? Why not
die sooner, with
fewer regrets, than

Will she ever get over the drugs and enjoy a normal life? To recommend this book, please allow me to use free verse.


My rating for this book: ++++

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Impossible (2009)

It has been a long time since I have actually finished a book. I feel like I have neglected my duties. But I have just come to the end of this latest book by Nancy Werlin which is woven around the ballad known to many as Scarborough Fair.

Lucinda's mother is a crazy street person named Miranda and seems to pop up in Lucy's life at random, inconvenient times. The latest is when Luncinda is ready to go to her prom and is walking out to her date's car. Astonishingly Miranda starts to lob empty glass bottles from her cart at the group of people seeing Lucy off. Her date takes off and the cops arrive to haul Miranda away. Luckily for Lucy, her foster parents, Soledad and Leo are there to help and support Lucy as they tried with Miranda.

Days later, Lucy's friend, Zach, found a journal written by Miranda in the abandoned cart. By reading her mother's journal, Lucy learns about the curse following all her ancestresses. The way to counter the curse is to complete three challenges woven into the song.

Tell her to make me a magical shirt, Parsley sage, rosemary and thyme, Without any seam or needlework, Else she'll be a true love of mine.

Tell her to find me an acre of land,... Between the salt water and the sea strand...

Tell her to plow it with just a goat's horn,... and sow it all over with one grain of corn, Else she'll be a true love of mine, And her daughters forever pssessions of mine.

Will Lucy, Zach, and her fosterparents be able to solve the riddles in time? Fantasy readers will love the battle with the Elfin Knight who has managed to ruin the lives of so many women.

My rating for this book: +++