Monday, November 5, 2007

Freedom Writers Diary (1999)

The Freedom Writers Diary is the first book I'm going review on this blog. This book is a collection of diary entries written over a 4-year period by students in an English class led by a most remarkable teacher. Erin Gruwell's first teaching assignment was a 9th grade class of kids that had been kicked out of other classes and other schools. To say it was a challenge to get their attention is an understatement! What she and her class accomplished is a true inspiration.
The kids did not know that anyone would ever read their diaries so there is stark honesty in every word written. What happened in the lives of these kids was tragic. What they accomplished was nothing less than astounding.
I wanted to chose one entry to write about but it's too hard to choose only one. Drugs, gangs, abuse, learning disabilities, homelessness, alcohol, you name it, they've lived it. I would recommend this book to students who have personal problems and think that they don't have the time or energy to spare for school. Hopefully they could see that it is imperative to find support and inspiration and plow through these difficult times to achieve the goal of a good education. That is the reason these kids published their work, to give hope to others in similar situations and show that it is possible to get out and rise above what life has given them.
My rating for this book: +++++


Anonymous said...

I really love this book and have you seen the movie is so wonderful

The French Connection said...

I have seen the movie. I think the book and the movie compliment each other.