Monday, April 7, 2008

Twisted (2007)

This book by Laurie Halse Anderson reflects the incredible pressure on teens these days. Tyler has a LOT of pressure from all sides: his father (under a lot of pressure at work and taking it out on his family), he's on parole (for vandalism which he only did to get attention from his peers), his sister (attending his school and getting into a relationship with his best friend), Bethany (his old bully's twin sister AND the daughter of his father's boss, who finally notices he exists), classes (his father made him take as many AP classes as allowed including Calculus). When he is wrongly accused of posted compromising pictures of Bethany on the web (after pulling her out of a party and driving her, her brother, and his friends, all passed out drunk, home), it seems he has felt the load of the last straw. He pulls a gun out of his father's drawer, loads it, and puts the muzzle in his mouth. Does he pull the trigger?
My rating for this book: +++

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