Monday, April 21, 2008

Pedro and Me (2000)

Judd Winick, the author and illustrator of this graphic novel, agreed to be a participant in the MTV series The Real World in 1994. He roomed with Pedro, a smart, funny, attractive young man who is HIV positive. Pedro has devoted much of his time to speaking to kids in school to educate them about HIV and AIDS. By accompanying him to these events, Judd learns about aspects of the disease and he becomes aware of the stigma suffered by its victims.
"I'm open-minded. I got that way because of my parents. They weren't hippies, just decent and reasonable loving people. You didn't have to be a weenie liberal like me to accept someone like Pedro."
It's amazing how wrapped up you can get in a story, even if it is in graphic novel format. You read the words and then pause to study the characters faces and the emotions there. I highly recommend this book to anyone.
My rating for this book: +++++

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