Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunrise over Fallujah (2008)

"But over and over I thought that we were in a war of complete randomness. Death was hiding in every shadow, lurking along every roadway, flying through the midday air. It came suddenly and randomly. There was no logic except the constant adding up of numbers. How many are dead? What are the names? Where are the pictures for the hometown papers?"
This latest book by Walter Dean Myers takes place in Iraq. Robin, nicknamed Birdy, is attached to a Civil Affairs unit. They don't see as much action as the infantry but are responsible for trying to communicate with locals. They have medical personnel and a translator. Birdy sends letters home to his uncle who served in Viet Nam (Fallen Angels) because he knows that only someone who has been in war can understand his experiences and feelings.
This is an outstanding book that gives the reader a taste of what the war in Iraq must be like. I recommend this book to everyone.
My rating for this book: +++++

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