Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Agnes Quill - An Anthology of Mystery (2006)

It seems to me that some of the graphic novels I have read have would be good bridges to encourage graphic novel fans to also read novels. This one, though, would introduce readers who have not tried graphic novels to a whole other world of books.
Agnes is a teenaged detective who has inherited the ability to see and communicate with spirits. "Did grandfather feel these spirits as strongly as I do now? I never considered how spirits have a physical presence, but I guess they really do."
She takes most of her cases for pay but some she takes to help spirits who can't pay her. In one case, she tracks down the legs of a man who was the victim of a magic show gone bad. He knew they were still around somewhere and needed Agnes' help to find them. With assistance of a spirit named Beatrix she tracks them down to a maniacal robot who is controlling a boy to collect body parts for him. This could be a very dark storyline but Agnes truely cares for the spirits and is generous with her help.
I highly recommend this book to graphic novel fans and to readers who haven't enjoyed one yet.
My rating for this book: +++++

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