Monday, February 18, 2013

The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

The Running Dream
Jessica loves to run. She is a strong competitor and a valued team member of her school's track team. However, returning from a meet, her bus is hit by an uninsured truck and one girl is killed and Jessica's leg must be amputated. She is faced with months of physical therapy learning to walk again and using a prosthetic leg. She also has to catch up with all the school work she missed. But Jessica is one of a rare breed, able to meet the challenge.

She is taken aback when faced with an ugly prosthetic leg until her friend shows her video of a runner with a state-of-the-art running leg that could return her to running competitively. 

Jessica is luckier than most since she is surrounded by people who love and support her: the family, her friend, her team, her school, her community, and her dog. But the most surprising inspiration comes from a quiet girl in a wheelchair who is a victim of cerebral palsy. Rosa comes to Jessica's aid in her algebra class and Jessica returns the favor in a surprising and inspiring way. 

I strongly recommend this book to runners and other sports lovers to see how their talents can be used to help others less fortunate.  

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