Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Have a Kindle

Despite all my protestations that I didn't like or want any type of ebook, my dear husband bought me a Kindle. I love knowing how well he listens to me. He wishes now that he had known about the Kindle Fire but that's OK. He bought me the model with 3G which means that anywhere I am I can click onto Amazon and with a single click, own and start reading a book. Crazy dangerous is what I call it. Fortunately I have stacks of books all over my room which I am determined to read some day.

The first book I purchased was A Trick of the Light because I couldn't wait for a copy to be available at the library and I really couldn't afford the price of a new book. It's taking me a while to "bond" with my new toy. One of the things I'm not at all crazy about is not having a beautiful color cover to enjoy. Another nerdy problem is not having page numbers. Instead I have a progress bar at the bottom which shows a percentage of completed pages.  Somehow 75% is not as satisfying as 750 pages. It might seem silly but I miss having two pages to read. Somehow moving my eyes up and down and my head left and right feels better than just up and down.

Along with the Kindle I got a cover with a cute little built in light, necessary since the Kindle isn't backlit. I used it once for fun and it works nicely.

I'm on my second book now and I seem to be more oblivious to the new format. I still have all those piles of books to read, however, and I don't plan on completely giving up on paper books any time soon.

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