Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fallout by Ellen Hopkins

Fallout by Ellen Hopkins
This is the third book in a series about the tragic consequences of methamphetamine use based on the experiences of the author's own daughter. The first two, Crank and Glass chronicle Katrina's drug use, rehab attempts, and failed relationships. Fallout tells the story from three (of five) of her children as they each try to find their way without a mother. One boy and two girls (one didn't even know she had a sister) make their way to their grandmother's house for Christmas and along the way we learn about their attempts at relationships, living in foster homes, flirting with alchol, and generally wondering how much of their problems can be attributed to their mother's drug use or are simply dealing with life like everyone else.

Reading at least one of the first two books will help the reader understand Katrina a little and see that her children were nothing more than a byproduct. They have to live knowing that their mother had no interest in them and there is the true tragedy of this devastating drug. It does not just affect the health of the user but everyone who comes in contact with her.

My rating for this novel in verse: ****

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