Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heroes of the Valley (2009)

After enjoying the Bartimeaus series so much, I was thrilled to see that Jonathan Stroud had a new book out and I was not disappointed.

We all grow up with stories that are so real to us they are like memories. We don't doubt their veracity since they have been handed down to us by our parents who heard them from their parents, and so on. Halli Sweinsson doubts the stories he was told from birth about his ancestors and Trows, monsters who lived all around their lands. Were the stories real? Halli, the second son of his town's leader, wanted to learn the truth and maybe make his own legends.

Like most of us, Halli is not perfect. He is much shorter than his brother and much smarter with a wonderful sense of humor (I found myself chuckling out loud). Everyone only notices his stature, however, and they all fail to appreciate his intelligence and wit, except for Aud, the daughter of another town's leader. Together they are quite a team.

Adventurers and action lovers will enjoy this book.

My rating for this book: ++++

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