Thursday, June 18, 2009

City of Bones (2007)

I have to admit I was attracted to this series by Cassandra Clare by the bold and gilt tinged covers and the hope of another fun trip with new characters but I got as far as page 272 (out of 485) and got so angry at the author I shut the book and rued the wasted hours reading it.

"Another vampire pushed her way throught the crowd to stand at his side - a pretty blue-haired Asian girl in a silver foil skirt. Clary wondered if there were any ugly vampires, or maybe any fat ones. Maybe they didn't make vampires out of ugly people. Or maybe ugly people just didn't want to live forever."

Or maybe people ugly on the inside are cursed to live forever. In an era where teenagers are so conscious of looks, and advertising and the media pushing overly thin examples of "beauty", I was furious at the author for these words. And since I was less than whelmed by the quality of the writing, I have no qualms about saying that this book is a total waste of time.

My rating for this book: (no stars)

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