Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"The most comprehensive people search on the web"

Do you know how many times your name appears on the web? What do you think employers might use to check on a prospective employee? is what they are using and it might be a good idea for you to check first before they do. An explanation on their website states that they search what is called the "deep web" which can gain access behind passwords. One example of this is Facebook. Would you be comfortable with a boss checking pictures on your site?
When I ran a check with my name I was very interested to see that a lady in East Lancashire, England, has my exact name. Luckily she seems to be a very upright citizen so I didn't have to worry about some nefarious person that I might be confused with. Otherwise, my Facebook page came up as well as links to my job and 4-H.
It is always good to remember that anything that goes up on the web will very likely stay there - forever. Remember that just about anything can be copied and pasted in other locations so you can't expect privacy when it comes to pictures, emails, blog entries (oh, my!), etc.
So, as I tell my young friends, "Be good, be careful!"

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