Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Harry Potter 1 (1998) & 2 (1999)

Of course this is not the first time I have read these books. I was sitting watching TV this past weekend and H.P. and the Sorcerer's Stone just happened to be sitting on the table next to me. During the commercials my eyes would wander over to the book and a feeling rose in me that made me open and start to read it. When I finished it, I thought about raiding my daughter's room for the second book and I am now halfway through that one.
It has been a long time since I've read these books and I've watched the movies many times. However, the wonderful feeling of being immersed in a whole new world of magic came back to me all over again. Since we have watched them so many times, when my daughter and I watch the movies, we can recite many of the lines with the actors (to the great annoyance of anyone else in the room). However, going back to the books after 10 years, I found scenes that didn't make it to the movies and it was like reading them for the first time. For instance, in the second book, there is a wonderful deathday party for Nearly Headless Nick, celebrating the 500th anniversary of his death. I had completely forgotten it. It was a prime example of the care J.K. Rowling put into the creation of her books. Even the minor characters (and culture of the exotic ones) get attention so they are brought into the foreground and are not just window dressing.

There are so many books begging to be read that rereading books seems to be unfair to the unread books. Some books are worth the time since new scenes, characters, items, or events take on a whole new significance. These books are so full of unique characters, items, and events it is well worth taking the time sitting with Harry and his friends again.

My recommendation reading or rereading these books: +++++

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