Thursday, May 8, 2008

Story of a Girl (2007)

What's this? Two blogs in one day? How can this be? Well, I started "Masquerade" but it was checked out before I could finish. So I started "Story of a Girl". Because of our library being closed, I had lots of time to read so I finished both books in one day. Truely, I do work in the library.
Sara Zarr has given us a story of how hard it is to overcome one event in our lives. Deanna was 13 years old when she started having sex with a 17-year old friend of her brother. Her father caught them in the act and pulled her out of Tommy's car. Tommy displayed his maturity by telling everyone about the event and she was labeled a slut, a reputation that was impossible to live down.
Three years later Deanna has not even had a single date, her father still won't look at her, and everyone still considers her a slut and whispers behind her back. She feels that there is nothing she can do to get past this.
"This is the thing: Pacifica is a stupid small town with only one real high school, where everyone knows everyone else's business and the rumors never stop until some other kid is dumb enough to do something that makes a better story. But my story had the honor of holding the top spot for over two years running. I mean, a senior getting caught with his pants down on top of an eighth-grade girl, by the girl's father ("No way! Her father? I'd just kill myself!") was pretty hard to beat."
Deanna is a strong girl who refuses to be beaten down. Even when she takes a job where she comes in daily contact with the source of her problem, she pushes on, determined to show everyone she is better than they realize.
I highly recommend this to girls in school who feel they are marked for life by one event. Deanna's solution will give them hope and maybe an idea on how to change others' views.
My rating for this book: ++++

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