Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Juno (DVD, 2008)

Ellen Page plays a teenager who gets pregnant and decides to give it up for adoption. She finds a couple (played by Justin Bateman and Jennifer Garner) who want to be parents to her baby (she much more than her husband). We follow Juno from when she first learns she's pregnant, makes the tough decision about keeping the child, and procedes through her pregnancy. Juno's character is very bright, very sarcastic, and she becomes truly concerned about the future of her child.
With all of the "drama" of high school, this movie shows how pregnancy takes the reality of life to a whole new level and launches Juno into adulthood just that much sooner. Her pregnancy is not glamorized and the decisions she has to make are not trivialized. With all of her wisecracking, she takes care of herself, continues to attend school, and takes the steps necessary to ensure a good place for her child.
I loved this movie but I have grown very tired of the song they sang at the end.
My rating for this movie: ++++

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