Thursday, December 6, 2007


"This is how it happens, I thought, that people become homeless. One thing goes wrong, then another, and then everything unravels, like pulling a thread and having the cloth come apart in your hands." One minute Adam is sitting in the car with his parents going home cross-country and the next he is on the side of the road, alone, after a fatal car accident. Suffering from shock, unable to speak, he has only one goal - to get home.

Aftershock, by Kelly Easton, is about Adam's journey home, the people he meets, the search for money and food to sustain him, and the memories of his life with his parents and friends. I couldn't help but wonder at the resilience of the mind having to deal with a situation like this. Others might just sit down and begin the grieving process right there but Adam's reaction was an overwhelming need to get home. Had someone found him there by the car, there would have been a very different story since he would have received medical attention and not left to wander from Idaho to Texas to Virginia, and finally to Rhode Island. Along the way he met good people, and not-so-good people to absolutely horrible people.
I would recommend this if you like books about hardship and survival.
My rating for this book: +++

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