Thursday, May 7, 2009

DailyLit - update

I have stopped reading the incredibly dated children's stories. It's amazing that children actually grew up and eventually wrote better stories than these! Then again, maybe they were also disgusted by these stories and had the incentive to write better ones. I have changed to a another story I have read before, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. It's only 46 episodes long, but packed with amazing language and action.

The narrator speaks of his boyhood fascination with the empty white areas of unexplored continents and speaks about a map of Africa. "It had ceased to be a blank space of delightful mystery--a white patch for a boy to dream gloriously over. It had become a place of darkness. But there was in it one river especially, a mighty big river, that you could see on the map, resembling an immense snake uncoiled, with its head in the sea, its body at rest curving afar over a vast country, and its tail lost in the depths of the land."

It is amazing that Conrad wrote his books in English, his second language (Polish being his first).
I still think DailyLit is a fun website and they are adding new titles every day. Recently they added Sherlock Holmes stories. Recently written books are also available, many with a nominal fee. Cory Doctorow's book, Little Brother, is available for free.

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