Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"DailyLit: Sparking your mind and imagination with great books and ideas in under 5 minutes a day."
This is the perfect solution for those of us who say we don't have time to read a book. Visit DailyLit and browse their title lists, many of which are free. You can choose a title and select how often you wish to receive your literary doses and they will an installment to your email, RSS feed, or even you iPhone or Blackberry. On those days when one installment isn't enough or you're in a really good place in the story, you can request more on the spot.
Not all of the titles are old classics, Cory Doctorow's book, Little Brother, is one of the selections (free!) as is Wikipedia Tour: The Grand Tour. Some books are short (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has only 11 installments where the Wikipedia book has 618).
You're in luck if you are a romance reader. There are over 300 Harlequin Romance titles. There are not very many YA titles but hopefully that will change. They encourage companies to sponsor books so that we can read them for free. None of the books are over $10. That's cheaper than a paper back! I think I will try one of the free titles through my RSS feed on my iGoogle page. It is recommended that you use an RSS feed instead of email so installations aren't blocked by spam filters.
I think I will try "Famous Stories Every Child Should Know" since I seem to have been a very ignorant child never having read any of the stories. 116 installments - check back with me in about 4 months.

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