Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Streams of Babel (2008)

One of the fears that arose after 9/11 was how vulnerable we are to terrorist attacks and how one of the easiest targets is our water supplies. Carol Plum-Ucci has brought us a scary and exciting book which addresses this threat. Cora's mother dies of a sudden brain aneurysm but she figures it was due to the drugs she abused. However, when the mother of one of her neighbors also dies of an aneurysm, suspicions are aroused.
On the other side of the world , a 16-year old boy in Pakistan reads messages posted in chat rooms between suspected terrorists and passes them on to American intelligence. His reports make them aware of a threat code-named Red Vinegar.
How do these people come together and are they able to head off catastrophe? Streams of Babel is an exciting book which gives us a peek into the world of computer spying and bioterrorism. I highly recommend this book to science fiction and action lovers.
My rating for this book: ++++

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