Thursday, September 18, 2008

Death in the Air (2008)

This is the second book in the series by Shane Peacock about the young Sherlock Holmes. The boy Sherlock lost his mother in the first book, Eye of the Crow, and now lives with an old apothecary, Sigerson Bell, who teaches the boy about poisons and self defense. One of the very intereesting aspects of this book is how Sherlock connects parts of London with sites in Charles Dickens' novels. It surely puts the Holmes character into historical perspective.

Sherlock's drive to solve the near death of a trapeze artist is fueled by the desire to help Bell financially and to continue to hone his investigatory skills. With the help of an underground character, Malefactor, he ties in the acrobatic accident with a major theft. The police detective, LeStrade, who appears in the grownup Holmes stories, is the son of a detective from Scotland Yard and recognizes Holmes' talents even though his father does not.

This is a wonderful series and I look forward to reading more of them. Readers of mysteries and historical fiction will enjoy the physical action and tour of historical London.
My rating for this book: +++

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