Monday, July 28, 2008

Battlestar Gallactica

This science fiction series produced by the SciFi Channel has got to be one of the most extraordinary series I have seen in a long while. I have to admit that I have not watched the series as it was originally shown, but I am catching up with the series by renting the DVDs through Netflix. The star of the show is Edward James Olmos, an actor who is able to portray strength and power with a very restrained manner. The series opens after a Cyborg rebellion on the plant of Caprica. Most of the human population is annihalated by nuclear weapons but there is still a large number of humans on various space ships, one of which is the Gallactica commanded by Commander Adama (Olmos). They manage to stay together through a series of "jumps" trying to evade the Cyborgs until they manage to shake them. The senior most government member, Colonial Secretary of Education, played by Mary McDonnell assumes the position of President and, together with Adama, begin the task of organizing the ships, inventoring supplies and personnel, and discuss finding a new home world. Complicating this is the fact that there are Cyborgs hidden among the crews. They have a number of models which look human.
I don't want to rehash the many twisting plot lines but I hope I can entice you to enjoy this series. I have been watching the episodes with my son and not one has gone by without an "OMG" or two. The twists and turns in this series make every episode exciting and leave me waiting for the next one to arrive.
I admit to being a big fan of all the Star Trek series and other scifi series such as Babylon 5 and Firefly but this show outshines other series like a nova. Rent the series at Blockbuster or another company, make up a bucket of popcorn, and strap yourself in for a ride!
My rating for this series: +++++

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