Monday, March 31, 2008

The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (2008) & Eye of the Crow (2007)

It really was accidental that I chose two books that had connections with the Sherlock Holmes character by Arthur Conan Doyle but when I finally noticed it, I went ahead and read both anyway. The Curse of the Bizarre Bouquets (by Nancy Springer) features Sherlock's siter, Enola, who is avoiding her brothers and being put in a boarding school. She helps solve the disappearance of Dr. Watson with the clever (of course) observation of a bouquet of flowers delivered to his wife. Eye of the Crow (by Shane Peacock) features Sherlock as a young man and gives the reader a great feeling of London in that era. Sherlock is portrayed as a very bright young man, living in poverty because his mother married a Jewish man. He empathizes with a young Arab man who is accused of murder and endeavors to find the true murderer.

Both of these books are wonderful mysteries. Springer's book is a faster read and might attract more girls but Peacock's book paints a more complete picture of what London was like.

My rating for both books: ++++

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