Tuesday, February 26, 2008


WOW!!!!! There is one scene in this book which almost made me stop reading, it was so disturbing. When a 13 year-old kid is slated to be unwound, it means that he is brought to a harvesting center where he is turned into as many parts as can be transplanted. This is a very scary scenario when you see how easy it is for parents to turn over their kids for any reason - they can't afford to feed them, the kids are getting into trouble, any reason at all.
Connor is a 13-year old boy who has been getting into fights and so his family signs him over to be unwound. On the way to the harvest center, he escapes his transport, causes a major accident on the freeway, and kidnaps a "tithe" out of his car. His escape eventually becomes a legend amoung unwounds. He is rescued by an underground railroad for unwounds and is taken to a sanctuary where he can stay until he is 18 and is no longer desirable for harvesting.
I highly recommend this book if you like action and you aren't too squeamish (there is one extremely unsettling scene which takes place at the harvest farm).
My rating - *****

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